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Data Collection

The Data Collection is a process to collect data from subsidiaries company. There are 2 mechanisms to collect data, using DivaSystem 10 Interface connecting through direct core application like Baan, SAP or in-house application or using DivaSystem EIGS with online excel consolidation. Using approval / workflow process, data will be processed to next step (consolidation).


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Consolidation process, works for multiple processes are executed at once. All processes such as sub-consolidation, budget, actual and forecasting are automatically processed.    

For example, within 3 minutes DivaSystem 10 can consolidate and generate financial statements for  corporate group with 200 subsidiaries.

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DivaSystem 10 have 3 report types:

  • DivaReporter. DivaSystem 10 has around 300 pre-prepared reports, which can be export or output to Excel, Text, PDF and Internet Explorer Browser

  • DivaViewer. DivaViewer enables user to retrieve financial data with an easy interface such as Excel's Pivot Table wizard. DataViewer gives you detailed multidimensional views into the transactions: by company, by business segment, by location, etc.

  • Formula-X. Formula-X enables user to make report format by using Microsoft Add-in function. It can retrieve data from DivaSystem using original formulas (DIVA function), which are easy to use and similar to Microsoft Excel's normal formulas.

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